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 When people hear Brazilian hair, the first thing that comes to mind is that this is hair made out of hair from women in Brazil. The truth is, this is hair made out of real human hair that is finely processed. The human hair could come from any country where women are blessed with amazing hair and will still be called Brazilian hair. This is because this is where the idea came from.

Brazilian hair is the highest quality hair extension there is. Sometimes it is called virgin Remy because the extensions are tangle free and free from chemicals. 

What are the advantages of using Brazilian hair over regular extensions?

•    It is the highest quality there is

There is nothing else that could look any closer to human hair than actual human hair. This assures your extension will look real and beautiful at the same time.

•    It is tangle free

The Brazilian hair extensions are made in such a way that each packet comes from one woman’s hair. This takes care of the tangle problem.

•    It is free of chemicals

The fact that the hair is not made of plastic, there are no chemicals used to treat them. Besides, for the hair’s cuticles to remain intact, you need it to be free of chemicals.

•    It comes in different styles

The hair does not come in just one style. There are over a hundred different types of extension. This gives you the chance to play around with it and come up with new unique styles.

The disadvantages of having a Brazilian hair extension

•    They also itch

Just like any other extension, it itches. The main reason behind this is that it is the additional weight on your head which accumulates more heat than your natural hair always does.

•    It is heavy on the head

The fact that it is an additional weight on your head makes your head heavier than it always is. For some people, this is very uncomfortable.

•    Taking care of it requires a lot of attention

It constantly needs attention; you need to keep it from water, keep it combing it so that it doesn’t look unkempt… The regular weaves do not need half as much time.

Why you should consider having a Brazilian hair extension

Brazilian hair extension is the in thing today. Having it on your head will make you part of the cool crowd. In addition to this, you will get to have an extension that looks real and authentic. Besides, you can treat it just like real hair; plate it, blow dry it when it gets wet and even reuse it.

What do men think about Brazilian Hair?

Most men have been known to hate hair extensions. It looks fake they say. However, the same men who hate ‘fake’ hair when asked about Brazilian hair extensions have given very favorable answers. They say it is real and doesn’t feel like plastic. This is good news to women who like to have good hair; you can still have an extension your man will love and have a great hair day all week long.

Reasons why you need to be cautious when buying Brazilian hair

Since Brazilian hair is considered to be the best in the market today, some malicious business men are taking advantage of naive customers. They sell hair that is not human as Brazilian hair. In some cases, it is goat hair that is paraded around as the human hair. Therefore, be careful, buy a brand that is well known and from a reputable shop. This will save you from buying fake, real hair.